Updates from Klabauter Puppies


Qiasu is doing very well in Singapore, we got a really lovely report with some questions about grooming. Such good news :-)

Here is Shadow with Rosie (aged 10.5 yrs) and our two youngest girls on her first birthday! Shadow is going very well. She is very cheeky and strong but a great companion. She goes to school every week and is learning obedience which she enjoys. Her favourite thing though is playing with the other dogs.

Hello Julia Just a quick note to let you know that Monty is magnificent and we are very happy. He's very clever and simply adores people, but particularly children. We have been getting him used to being on our boat including overnighters, which we are all enjoying. He's doing really well with training and can sit, drop, stay, wait and come (not always). His coat is very overgrown at the moment and is being groomed today which will be interesting. Cheers

Attached are some photos of Charlie. We used to have rules about dogs on beds or other furniture but apparently those rules don't apply to Charlie!

Hi Julia, Just thought I would give you an update. Xarla is fitting in with our little family beautifully. She adores the kids and loves playing fetch with them. Xarla has already learnt drop and sit, her release cue, food control, and crate trained. She is most of the time making good choices!! Honestly she is the happiest puppy I have ever had and stoked in every way with her. She is just beautiful, confident, and affectionate. Thank you so much!! I will keep you up to date on her progress. Thanks again. T... and Family. xox

She is a delight! Things couldn't be going better. Healthy, happy, endearing herself to everyone, toilet training easily and our other 2 dogs have accepted her (with one really caring for her.) Many, many thanks for breeding a dog with such a wonderful temperament.

Anna travelled well and she is settling in quickly and lots of fun for everyone.

Yvette - We are exhausted! All 4 of us are in love! Pepper (Yvette) loves gardening, tennis, and is fascinated with the stairs! She hates her cage but is progressing to 6 hours sleep per night.

Hi Julia. Just dropping you a quick note to give you an update. Wolfie has grown into a loving, handsome and mostly well behaved boy. Here he is having coffee with me on the porch. Regards


Hi Julia,

We recently took our little guy to a dog-friendly waterfall walk. I've attached a few good snaps we took on the day. He's going great.

Hi Julia,

Just wanted to tell you how beautiful our Jäeger is! He’s wilful, headstrong, belligerent and naughty - everything a 10 month old male Schnauzer should be! Lol! He’s actually coming along nicely and we absolutely adore him! He’s smart & fun and part of the family.
He’s become good mates with our 2.5yr old pepper salt ‘Rùeger’.

He’s actually a lot bigger and more solid than we were expecting which my husband and I are delighted about! We hate how in general standards are being bred smaller.
People stop us to admire him (Rueger has a bit of complex about that - lol) we suspect he’ll be magnificent as he fills out!
Thank you for a brilliant Standard Schnauzer!

Hi Julia,
Sorry it's taken so long to get a few photos of Tully through to you but I have attached a few below!
She is a great dog, and couldn't be happier with her, she is very very smart, and graduated top of her class at dog training school! She can now do some impressive tricks! She is very loyal and walks off the leash beautifully in-fact she won't go far from me at the park but makes me earn her cuddles at home haha!
Anyway thanks again, you have certainly breed a beautiful dog with a great temperament!!

Hi Julia! Schmetterling has turned into the loveliest dog! She is so wonderful with my son, who's only 2. They play together like crazy things. The obedience training is going well. She's very clever and learns fast. Food based training is definitely the way to go with her. She's not food obsessed like a beagle or a lab, but she seems to enjoy puzzles. Food seems to be a good way to tell her that she's figured out what I want her to do. I can't wait to get her into agility! I think that she will enjoy it. Cheers....

Hi Julia It has just occurred to me that I have never told you what a wonderful dog my Helmut is (Prince Helmut from the P litter). He has got a brilliant temperament and he is just getting better with age, I can’t believe how good he is already. He loves the water and swims (more paddles actually) in the Swan River almost every morning. He captivates everybody he meets and the ladies at the dog park have nicknamed him Helmut Clooney. I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a lovely little boy and am very happy that I have him. I hope everything is going well with you all at Klabauter and that you continue breeding your lovely dogs because they are the best! Kind regards C


Stryker at Daycare

One of the boys:

"He is a sweetheart and has real attitude and spunk. He makes me laugh as I can almost read his thoughts through his body language sometimes when he doesn’t really want to do something. He has however decided I am the one to be on the good side of, so does almost everything I command and sits on my feet when I stop for 5, which has my husband quite amused. Probably because I do most of the walks, training and feeding…like most schnauzers Ralph is very food motivated. I will try to get a good photo for you to show his confirmation on the weekend. To my eyes he cuts a fine figure and is getting a nice musculature from his walking and stair climbing. He will be great at agility! I might try after we come back from a walk when he is a bit tuckered out for at least five minutes! We have been down to the beach a couple of times and he really loves the seaweed, rolling in it so he stinks that is. Typical dog, at least he baths nicely. We have it down to a fine art now. He is also very well behaved when we go out for Sunday lunch and he comes with us and sits under the table. A real member of the family now."

One of the girls:

"We love our little girl to bits! She has a huge personality is keeping me on my toes! Lol! Her furnishings are taking a while to grow, infact most people have confused her with a Labrador pup! I am not worried, they are growing, just slowly!"

We absolutely adore our Max from the M litter. He has grown into a faithful friend, great guard dog and very excited and energetic exercise companion. We feel that he would benefit from a doggy friend (not just us) to be with and so would love to own another one of your wonderful dogs. Could you put our name down on the waiting list for the next litters (boy dog preferably as Max annoys female dogs a little). Love seeing your new litters on the web site (which by the way is really excellent).

Hi Julia, was having coffee at Kahlis favourite coffee stop after the morning walk ( she has to greet her adoring fans,"good morning Kahli, hello Kahli xxxyou) this guy who i have never seen before stepped forward and said " (that schnauzers is related to my girl, no other dog has the same personality). I thought hello he 's another admirer ( feel like the mother of a rock star) turns out they got a black girl from you 6 years ago, we swapped Doggy snaps, she was in Hobart with his wife. He had the same wonderful experience owning one of your fur children . She looks just like Kahli. Thought you might like to hear that. ....

Hi, Well Florentine turned 8 last month. She continues to make us laugh with her funny antics and beautiful disposition. We now have a grandson who is two years old and they are the best of buddies. She is getting those middle age grey hairs but continues with me on our daily 5 to 8 km morning walks, dog park in the afternoon and daily swims. Busy girl. London is a distant memory now.....we had a ball. I often look at your web site and marvel at your dedication and those lovely lovely dogs. Kindest regards, ....

How are you? I was wondering about your litter plans for the year? I noted on your website that you may have a few litters planned this year, very exciting. We have decided its time to get a playmate for our beautiful Minnie (from the M litter). She is so adorable & well tempered we just have to get another of your schnauzers! Hopefully a little boy this time. Would you be able to put our names on any waiting list you have or keep us informed of any litter news? That would be fantastic. Minnie is doing brilliantly. She has learnt to swim at the end of last year. She had been trying & trying but was a bit nervous about being out of her depth. We tried everything, life jackets & plenty of treats. It turned out all she needed was another dog to show her how it was done! We can't get her out of the pool now. She will sit by the pool gate & cry until we let her in for pool time! Perfect exercise in this heat. Minnie is alway so motivated to learn new things, you can tell how excited & eager she is to learn new tricks or commands. Some things she has even picked up without us really even trying. She is so gentle with children too. Maybe I am slightly biased but certainly a perfect dog! We really look forward to adding another Klabauter schnauzer to our family. Kind regards, ....

"It is a 45 minutes drive to a great off-leash beach and the dogs love it - my son has a 3 years old Giant Schnauzer and he and the Standard are great mates and play and frolic together and make us laugh..... he has been growing and progressing well. He was desexed some time ago and was fine and bounced back immediately - he is possibly part mountain goat!!! - he is always jumping up on the outdoor seats and loves to sit up high and observe nature.

He is very athletic - runs really fast and jumps really high - great for the Giant - and sooooo affectionate and a great watch dog. Wow! sounds just like a Schnauzer, doesn't it!!!! Everything we all love about the 3 breeds!!!

So we just wanted you to know how wonderful he is and how proud of him we are and every one who meets him loves him, of course!!!! We will send some photos when things aren't so crazy with preparing the house. ..........

Maddie has retired to a very special home, and after three weeks this very complimentary letter arrived - very very happy !!

"Maddie has settled in well and is a great joy to us. She is getting on reasonably well with the cat. All who meet her say what a wonderful she is and how well behaved and trained she is. I tell them the credit can come to you and all the praises are yours."

Thank you so much to her new owners !!


Merry Christmas! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy the new year. We are loving our gorgeous Panzer, watching him grow up has been a real treat. He is absolutely stunning to look at, and a real clown of a puppy with lots of growing up to do. He keeps us entertained and gets a lot of attention from everyone including strangers on the street!!! We adore him :) Kindest, ....

"Sending you xmas greetings.she is the perfect fur child.never thought i would say that! Me!!!breeder of afghan hounds in the UK, owner of airdales and gun dogs and look at me fallen in love at my old age with a gorgeous black Schnauzer.She is the delight of my life, my entire family. She is the best tempered dog i have ever owned and that's a record hard to beat, i had my first puppy when i was five ! Think your dogs are special Julia,having visited and seen how they live as part of your family, how your kids play with them and also how they react to strangers!!!i felt very comfortable being in the midst of the dog gang, holding the puppies and mom and dad and gang all looking on not at all fussed. I WISH I WASN'T SO OLD I WANT MORE AND MORE OF YOUR PUPPIES. Have a lovely festive season. Xxxfrom ....."

Hello Julia, Qia is gorgeous. She has a lovely temperament - lively and bouncy just a puppy should be, and then placid and calm and sits quietly with us. She fits in beautifully with our family. I am loving taking her for walks and she has responded well to training -e.g. sit, down and walking on the leash. She loves her food and is growing like a weed. She had a slight skin infection a week or so ago - possibly a reaction to the heat. She has responded well to some Cephalexin and different shampoo (Head and Shoulders). She is not itchy - but it was like a dandruffy, skin reaction (with redness and inflammation). She was and is happy in herself though which is always a good sign. My camera has a problem with connecting photos but I will send through some photos for you when I can. I hope you have a great Christmas planned. I will be in touch again soon. Best Regards, ..........

"Nairobi has turned into  such a sweetie she gives me the biggest cuddles when i get home from work and she adores Leopold! :)"

Hi Julia, Are back from Europe , hope you had an enjoyable time?  My puppy......is growing beautifully. I am so happy with her, i have had her desexed , which was traumatic because she hated the Collar and tried to eat her stitches.....I'm afraid i ended up with her in my room but that makes me happy so it's a win win situation. She does well in puppy school but is easily bored (so am i) . I want to ask about the reddish tinges to her fur under her arms and chest, my groomer was curious. Also when do you have another litter planned, i think i am so addicted i might have need a companion for her.best wishes

...."as i said she gets so much attention we could start a fan club...her temperament  is so kind and happy i could not wish for better.She loves my 4 yr old grandson and they play endless games, where she  has to act out BOB THE BUILDER  with him, her role is to sit and listen.Then they wander off down the padock together....when my puppy has had enough she comes to let us know.  Won't leave him  by himself !,,Sorry to bore you with all of this but she is exceptionally wise,good tempered,naughty in a delightful  puppy way and  i feel so blessed to have her.".......

We finally managed to load the photos of Bella (nee Barbarella) – as you can see we neglected to take your advice not to let her into the house because she would take over our life!!  Well she did and we all love her a million trillion times around the world and back again. It has been fantastic having Bella as we wanted a dog that could come into the house (don’t lose hair) and be company for the boys. She is a top watch dog, never bites ever, and our friends and guests all quickly fall in love with her too. As discussed Bella is 11 years old on 14 September 2014 and we want to get pup so Bella has got a companion and we will still have one of your beautiful dogs when Bella moves on to the ever after.


Thank you so much for giving us our joy of the year Astro. I don’t know how we would ever be without him now! He is much loved and spoilt. He is keeping us busy pulling the glittery balls of the xmas tree and running out the dog flap and depositing them out in the garden. We have had to forgo the glass decorations this year! He has been getting quite good at swimming, we have been taking him down to the sandbar to play with all the other dogs in the area at Bayview on the hot days. We is very cute, as soon as he gets to the sand he rubs his belly along the cool sand. He got another shave this week. We bought the clippers you suggested, and do it ourselves. We haven’t won with the nail clipping yet! Hope you all have a wonderful xmas and new year.

Tomorrow the 'N' litter turn one & I thought I would send some photos & give you some feedback for our pup Nixie. Nixie is just lovely, she gets lots of comments on her looks & beautiful glossy black coat. She is very loving & has bonded well with our daughter. She is still very excitable & continues to jump like a kangaroo despite various training methods throughout the year. She LOVES everyone & every dog & wants to play with & jump on them - super friendly, but makes our walks interesting. She has passed her level 3 obedience & did fairly well with classes although her excitable nature can be trying in that setting. She doesn't bark much, gives a warning bark & growl if people are close to the fence. She loves to swim & has done from very early on. She loves cuddles & tummy rubs & chewing things especially wood. She is gradually settling down & I can see ongoing progress with her training & obedience so look forward to the next 12 months. I hope you are all doing well & family & dogs are all well. Best wishes & thanks for a great puppy!

Rosie is doing really well, she has the most lovely nature, totally devoted to us and her little friend Bronte (on the right).  She is still a very playful girl and we have a lot of chewed furniture (!) but she is clever and quick to learn.  She is so beautiful (or so we think!) and a perfect size, if you remember I said we hoped to have not too big a puppy, because our mini is so small!  Sure enough she has grown into a fabulous knee height young lady!

Touch wood she has been really healthy and is a fabulous addition to our house!  She loves to chase the birds and can run for miles.  She is gentle and great with the kids in an enthusiastic way!

"Hi mummy Julia, I am growing very big now...I am up to my new mum and dad's knees (around 60cm from toe to top of head). I LOVE to run around at the park and play chase with my owners. I also have some other dog friends that I hang out with when their owners come over for dinner or when daddy takes me to work. I am still a little frightened of them but after some time we run around a bit. I love being in water...I figured out how to swim straight away and I love it when daddy is watering the garden and I can play in the hose. I can now sit and stay for my dinner. I have to drop down before I get a pat in the morning...which is very hard because I am SUPER excited to see mum and dad after a big sleep. I know to go poo and pee (mostly) outside...sometimes I get a bit excited and I forget to ask. When we move house I am getting a big back yard to play in...I am also getting a new human baby brother or sister! Mummy is going to take me to advanced training lessons so that I can learn some better tricks than just sit, stay, shake paws (hands) and drop. I am also bilingual - I know both Martu (Aboriginal dialect that mummy works with) and English. I need to do some more active training as I can be a bit naughty when I'm not stimulated enough around the house. I especially like to sit at the dining room table when people are doing their work or if they leave the room. However when someone notices me I know that I shouldn't be up there! There are some photos attached of me for you to look at. I will let you know how I go after I move to my new big house."

"You probably don't know me, I am a member of the Vic Schnauzer Club.... I just wanted to send you an email after meeting owners of your dogs at the club fun-day yesterday... Those young Black dogs the boys had, have the most beautifull temperament of just about any Schnauzer I have seen and I wanted to tell you so! As breeders we get to hear negative comments when something goes wong, but in this instance I thought it was worth letting you know what a positive impact those lovely dogs had on everyone they met :) I asked for your info, so I could contact you and if I get asked about Schnauzers in the future, I will pass on your details with confidence! Kindest regards!"

Mystery on her first beach holiday recently (camping) and she just loved it!

An update on Max from the M litter: "He is an absolute delight and impresses everyone he meets; not only is he so attractive and distinctive he has a beautiful friendly personality, not aggressive or dominating and so so smart. He loves playing with other dogs but is a bit of a sook and seeks reassurance by running back to you and staying between your legs if he feels a bit worried. He now walks beautifully on a lead and is about to start some more training. Many thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog".

"Hi Julie! Well it's we've gotten through our first month with Archer, and what a month! He's been absolutely fantastic, the vet, pet store workers, and people at the dog park love him. As do we. We've booked him in for his first grooming session with us for next weekend. Which should be something new and exciting!
We had a dog trainer come to the house to help us out a little with training
etc which was fun. I've attached a few pictures for you as well. Kindest....."

"After two years in England where she had the time of her life, Florentine is back here in Killara and loving being able to swim every day. She was perfect over there and took to public transport and pubs and snow with relish. She was a much loved fixture in Kew and so well behaved in the Greyhound with all her other English dog friends. You should be very proud of the dogs you breed. They have such wonderful temperaments and now she is 6 we never stop being amazed at how good she is. Of course there are naughty times. She is a schnauzer after all."

And another letter from Klabauter Iggy and Klabauter Lois enjoying their swim in the Swan River near Perth on 20-2-2013:
"It was a complete scorcher in Perth today, and they loved their swim!"


Klabauter Standard Schnauzers is now a member of Dogs NSW, and was an ACCREDITED member of Dogs Queensland, the bodies regulating purebred dogbreeding under the umbrella of the Australian National Kennel Council. Member breeders are governed by Rules and a Code of Ethics. In addition, the Accreditation Scheme is about an independent, continuous evaluation of performance against the agreed standards. Klabauter Standard Schnauzers held accreditation since scheme inception.

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