Coson's Cham Is Going East (CZE)

Unesco Black Grand Calvera (CZE)

Czech Ch Grace Z Hofjaru (CZE)
Pol. Ch. Slv. Ch. Envy Grand Calvera (CZE)
Poker-D'As De Nador Cleville (FRA)
Rhapsodie De Nador Cleville (CZE)
Kore De Manso Pelegri (ESP )
>Klabauter Kokomo (AI)

Am Ch Von Shaman's Kpng Up Apprnces (USA )

Aust Ch Born To Oz Grand Calvera (Imp CZE)
Pol Ch Hung Ch Czech Ch Yucca Black Grand Calvera (CZE))
Klabauter Hullabaloo
Aust Ch Pawsch Beware Black Ice (AI)
Aust Ch Klabauter Cookie Monster
Wittmor Eureka
Xorbonne du Val de Sylaniska (BLG)
Coson's Plato (NDL)
NDL Ch Coson's Jingle Bell (NDL)
Int Ch Kill Bill Black Grand Calvera (CZ)
Am Ch Lux Ch Stahlkrieger's Johnny Cash (USA)
Pol Lux Slv Cz Ch Victory in Black Grand Calvera (CZ)
Pol Int Cz Ch Fame Black Grand Calvera (CZ)
Bayvista Just Like Him
Aust. Ch. Wittmor Seder Knight
Aust Ch Farica Safari Queen
Wittmor Eureka
Aust Grand Ch Treuliebe Omar Khayyam CDX
Aust Ch Redsandrube Andromeda
Saginor Calandria

About the O Litter

The O Litter is a mating with our best producing bitch Klabauter Go Go Gadget (AI) to Klabauter Kokomo (AI), with the aim to produce a successor female for Gadget. A successful outcome with 11 puppies in the litter and two outstanding puppies, Klabauter Odyssey to Oz and Klabauter Orbit around Oz to carry on Gadget's legacy.
Klabauter Kokomo (AI)


Klabauter Standard Schnauzers is now a member of Dogs NSW, and was an ACCREDITED member of Dogs Queensland, the bodies regulating purebred dogbreeding under the umbrella of the Australian National Kennel Council. Member breeders are governed by Rules and a Code of Ethics. In addition, the Accreditation Scheme is about an independent, continuous evaluation of performance against the agreed standards. Klabauter Standard Schnauzers held accreditation since scheme inception.

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