Coson's Cham Is Going East (CZE)

Unesco Black Grand Calvera (CZE)

Czech Ch Grace Z Hofjaru (CZE)
Pol Slv Ch Envy Grand Calvera (CZE)
Poker-D'As De Nador Cleville (FRA)
Rhapsodie De Nador Cleville (CZE)
Kore De Manso Pelegri (ESP )

Am Ch Von Shaman's Kpng Up Apprnces (USA )

Aust Ch Born To Oz Grand Calvera (Imp CZE)
Pol Ch Hung Ch Czech Ch Yucca Black Grand Calvera (CZE))
Klabauter Hullabaloo
Aust Ch Pawsch Beware Black Ice (AI)
Aust Ch Klabauter Cookie Monster
Wittmor Eureka

About "Kenya"

Only girl in the K Litter by frozen semen from Pol Slv Ch Envy Grand Calvera (CZE)

Pol Slv Ch Envy Grand Calvera (Czech Republic)

22. 08. 2010
Redcliffe Kennel Club
1st Baby Puppy
Mr G Missen (Vic)

02. 10.2010
Dog of the Year Support Committee
Championship Show 1
Mrs S Hewinson
Championship Show 2
Mrs R Henderson
12 points

16. 10. 2010
Ipswich Kennel Club
Championship Show 1
Mr S Yiannou
Championship Show 2
Mr C Woodrow
12 points

20. 02. 2011
Caboolture Kennel Club
Mr D Brace (Vic)
6 points

27. 02. 2011
Gympie & District Kennel Club
Ms J Seary (Nsw)
CHB 6 points

19. 03. 2011
Beaudesert Kennel Club
Mr E Filippini (Argentina)
BOB 6 points

03. 04. 2011
CCC(Q) Library & Archives Sub-Committee
Mrs K Nichols
BOB 6 points

08. 04. 2011
Nanago & District All Breeds Kennel Club
Mrs J Butterfield (SA)
BOB 6 points

09. 04. 2011
Nanago AP&M Society
Mr J Rice (SA)
BOB 6 points

10. 04. 2011
Pine Rivers Kennel Club
Mr J Burgess
CHB 6 points

20. 05. 2011
Gympie and District Show Society
Mrs. P. E. Johansen (Qld)
Junior in Group - BOB 6 points

3. 06. 2011
Lowood Show Society
Mr. S. Tassan (Qld)
BOB 6 points

4. 06. 2011
Queensland Kennel Council
Mr. JW.Thompson (Vic)
ChB 6 points

5. 06. 2011
Queensland Kennel Council
Mrs. J. Campbell (Vic)
ChB 6 points

10. 06. 2011
Caboolture & District P.A.&I. Assoc Ltd
Mr. C. Moore (Vic)
ChB 6 points

12. 06. 2011
Ipswich Kennel Club
Mr. a. Hsieh (Taiwan)
ChB 6 points

This completes her Championship.

Dam of the N-Litter

Dam of the P-Litter
Klabauter Pozitiv in Black

Dam of the S-Litter
Klabauter Smart in Black
Klabauter Stunning Stryker
Klabauter Saint Brigid (NZ)
Klabauter Skipper in Black

Dam of the W-Litter
Klabauter Winsome in Black (AI)


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